Suicide Bomber Stopped Before Jerusalem Attack

A joint force comprised of IDF soldiers and Border Police caught an Arab on his way to carry out a suicide bombing in Jerusalem.

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Malkah Fleisher, | updated: 21:40

Bomb belt (illustrative)
Bomb belt (illustrative)
Israel news photo: (file)

A joint force comprised of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers and Border Police apprehended a young Arab man on his way to carry out a suicide bombing in Jerusalem.

The would-be terrorist, 20, was stopped at the Kalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem at noon, with six pipe bombs strapped to his body.

Initial interrogations revealed the terrorist planned to detonate them in Jerusalem. The man has been arrested, and the bombs detonated under IDF supervision.

Another terror attack on Israeli citizens was prevented this afternoon in the Samarian community of Revava. A terrorist from a neighboring Arab village came to the town, unsheathed a commando knife and attempted to stab local residents.  Two residents of Revava fought the Arab until he was neutralized. IDF soldiers and police subsequently arrived on the scene.

Two explosive devices were discovered last week by a reserve unit near the community of Beit El, in the Binyamin region.  The bombs were defused by sappers. The reserve unit was touring the security perimeter road when they came up on the bombs – one five kilograms, the other 3 kilograms. An IDF spokesperson said the bombs were found in an area not open to civilians.