'Topple PM if He Frees Killers'

A group of bereaved parents from northern Israel say government will fall if the 'Bibi deal' for releasing terrorists goes through.

Gil Ronen, | updated: 19:43

Terrorist release
Terrorist release
Israel news photo: file

A group of bereaved parents whose loved ones died in terror attacks vowed to do their utmost to topple the government of Binyamin Netanyahu if it agrees to release hundreds of terrorists in exchange for one captive Israeli soldier.

If the deal takes place, the parents said, they will launch a campaign against the Netanyahu government, similar to the campaign against the government of Ehud Olmert that was launched by bereaved parents from the Second Lebanon War.

In an improvised Hebrew language website they wrote:

We, bereaved families that were struck by terror, from Hamas and other terror organizations; we, victims of injury who were wounded in body and spirit by Palestinian terror, do hereby declare that the release of terrorist murderers by the Bibi [Netanyahu's nickname – ed.] government will mean that a red line has been crossed – one that we cannot live with.

“From the minute that the Bibi government abandons us and our children to the mercy of more than 1,000 murderers who will be set free; from the moment that the Bibi government betrays the memory of our murdered children; from the moment we see that all principles and all precedents have been shattered and that Bibi who vowed to fight terror betrays his principles and breaks his promises – we will work to topple the Bibi government.”

"Just as the Second Lebanon War brought down Peretz, Halutz and Olmert, the Bibi deal will bring down the Bibi government,” they predicted.