Teitel Indicted for Two Murders and Incitement

Government prosecutors indicted Yaakov Teitel Thursday for allegedly murdering two Arabs and planning other murders in revenge for Arab terror.

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IsraelNN Staff, | updated: 12:03

Yaakov Teitel
Yaakov Teitel
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Government prosecutors Thursday morning filed indictments against Jack Teitel on charges of allegedly murdering two Arabs, attempting to kill others and for arson and incitement.  

Teitel was arrested last month, but the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) imposed a gag order on the case for three weeks. Authorities said that he acted alone and was not involved in any terrorist cell although at least one other person has been arrested on suspicion of knowing of his actions.

He also was charged with smuggling guns from the United States, where he once lived. One of the pistols was used in the murder of an Arab cab driver 12 years ago, according to the indictments. The other alleged murder victim was an Arab shepherd near the community of Susiya, where terrorists several years ago murdered Yair Har Sinai, a Jewish shepherd. Har Sinai's wife has continued her husband’s work with the help of Jewish youth who work at the Har Sinai ranch on the outskirts of the community.

The charge sheet stated that Teitel tried to harm homosexuals, policemen and messianic Jews over the past several years, as well as placing a bomb at the family home of Christian missionaries and the home of Jewish left-wing Professor Zev Sternhal.

Judges are investigating a complaint by Teitel’s attorney that he has been chained to his bed day and night. He reportedly told the Jerusalem District Court that he does not regret his actions, which the former U.S. Marine said he felt confident had Divine approval.