Goldstone Leads to Labor Fight

DM Ehud Barak fought with Labor MKs on Monday over his insistence that Israel will not force soldiers to testify regarding Goldstone claims.

Maayana Miskin , | updated: 19:19

Barak says No to Goldstone
Barak says No to Goldstone
Israel news photo: (file)

Defense Minister Ehud Barak made it clear Monday that Israel would not establish a committee to investigate allegations made in the Goldstone Report commissioned by the United Nations Human Rights Council regarding the Cast Lead counterterror operation in Gaza last winter. “We sent soldiers to carry out a mission, and they deserve our full support” he said.

Specifically, Barak said, there will be no committee “before which a soldier or captain will be required to testify.” Regarding other forms of investigation, the defense minister stated that the IDF  “has investigated, and continues to investigate, its own operations more than any other army on earth,” but will not take special measures due to the UN report.

Goldstone's report “tries to question Israel's right to exist, and to tie our hands regarding future operations,” he accused.

Israel will not only refuse to put its soldiers on trial over the claims made by Goldstone, but will take the lead in changing the international approach to the war on terrorism, Barak announced. "We will promote international dialogue on the subject of the laws of war with the goal of amending them to allow for effective counterterror measures in heavily populated areas,” he said.

Barak's stance caused an upset within the Labor party. Barak, the Labor party leader, slammed those party members who insisted on an investigative committee in wake of Goldstone, calling their position childish.

"The Left is acting like a young child, saying 'I want peace'... A child says 'I want candy right away,' an adult takes all of the factors into account and understands who he's dealing with,” he said.