‘Sixth Sense’ Fights US Terror

Terrorist beware: an Israeli firm has unveiled two new systems aimed at fighting terrorists and crime in urban centers in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, | updated: 22:19

Suspicious images  from anti-terror systems
Suspicious images from anti-terror systems
Israel news photo: Ness

Israel-based Ness Technologies has unveiled two anti-terror systems to help urban centers in the United States and elsewhere to fight terror and crime.

Ness, with stock being traded on the NASDAQ as well as in Tel Aviv, showed off its “Area Smart Monitoring” (ASM) and "Sixth Sense" systems at the Israel Defense International Army and Police Exhibition (ISDEF) being held in Tel Aviv this week.

The ASM system provides real-time intelligence information by using monitors for security and law enforcement agencies to identify and track suspicious individuals and groups. The information is gathered through cellular location systems, license plate recognition systems, video cameras equipped with automatic content analysis algorithms and GPS location systems as well as using the traditional pair of eyes of intelligence officers.

The Sixth Sense is an automatic system that sends an alert in response to abnormal patterns of motion. Video cameras conduct surveillance on moving objects and record their trajectory to determine if it is normal.

One alert sends a notice of suspicious loitering and a second system accumulates statistics and applies them to a trajectory. Both the ASM and the Sixth Sense systems can be integrated to fight urban terror and crime.

The Sixth Sense deals with crowded urban areas where law enforcement officers cannot observe developing trouble spots 24 hours a day.

"Terror and crime in urban areas are a growing threat to public safety in many countries,” explained Ness president Michael Zinderman. “ASM and The Sixth Sense enable continuous monitoring and information collection, both in routine and emergency times, in order to spot unusual behavior and identify potential threats.”