Mount Tabor, Sentinel of Valleys

Jutting west of the Kinneret, Mount Tabor stands high like a solitary faithful guardian, demanding our attention.

Shalom Pollack,

Mount Tabor
Mount Tabor
Israel news photo: (Amitai Katz/Wikipedia)

Mount Tabor stands 575 meters (1,890 ft.) like a solitary faithful guardian where the beautiful Jezreel Valley and the lower Galilee meet. It is located 17 km. (11 miles) west of Lake Kinneret. The mountain’s distinctly perfect round form demands our attention.

The mountain is an ancient horst, a geological term for a mountain that pushed its way up above the cooling earth’s crust when the surface was first forming. The mountain’s physical prominence has determined the fate of empires in this area.

Kfar Tabor's Watchman
Wikimedia Commons

When the Jewish renaissance roused the dust from the exile, many of the Jewish immigrants settled near the Biblical mountain. In 1901, Kfar Tabor was established by the determined pioneers. The few led a nation.

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