'We Must Stop Evil in Due Time'

In a clear connection between the Auschwitz death camp and Iran, Prime Minister Netanyahu said in Germany, “We must stop evil in due time.”

Avraham Zuroff, | updated: 15:08

Auschwitz Death camp
Auschwitz Death camp
Israel news photo: (file)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu received on Thursday in Germany 29 sketches of the Auschwitz death camp and declared, "We cannot allow evil to cause massive death. We must stop evil in due time.”

In a clear reference to Iran, he added, "There is a connection between despotism and terrorism, between freedom and peace. … Military barbarism knows no limits. We must prevent the spread of these armies on time so that humanity can be saved."

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has stated several times that the State of Israel should be“ wiped out” and is advancing Iran’s nuclear program, which Israel and much of the Western world fears will enable the Islamic Republic to build a nuclear warhead to be aimed at Israel.

Ahmadinejad also is a leader in the movement to deny that the Nazi regime butchered six million Jews.

In a ceremony at the newsroom of the Berlin newspaper Bild, where the Prime Minister received the blueprints to be turned over to the Yad VaShem memorial museum, he added, “World leaders must act in time to avoid the fate of the Holocaust victims. We cannot allow those who are looking to cause mass death and threaten the Jewish State.”

The Bild newspaper was among those who purchased the blueprints and published their existence after an unidentified person found them last year in a Berlin apartment.

Yad VaShem chairman Avner Shalev and director of its archives, Chaim Gertner, were present at ceremony where the Bild publisher handed the documents to the prime minister.

The blueprints will be displayed at Yad VaShem in January 2010, marking 65 years since the liberation of Auschwitz. “As original plans detailing the construction of Auschwitz, where some one million Jews were murdered, these documents have great historical significance,” Shalev remarked. “They constitute concrete illustrations of the Germans’ systematic effort to carry out the ‘Final Solution’”, Shalev added, stating that the documents would be made available to researchers for years to come. The documents will be added to Yad VaShem’s archives, which currently holds over 125 million pages of Holocaust records.

The architectural plans, drawn on a 1:100 scale, show the addition of a gas chamber and crematorium, and a plan for a building to contain the corpses of the murdered Jews.

More than a million Jews and others deemed “sub-humans” by the Nazi regime were murdered at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps during the Holocaust.

Netanyahu is expected later in the day to visit the villa on the Wannsee Lake outside of Berlin, where Nazis adopted in January 1942 the “Final Solution to the Jewish Problem,” Germany’s plans for the extermination of Jews throughout the world.

The prime minister is culminating his visit with European leaders on Thursday, where he discussed Israel’s position on construction within Judea and Samaria and its delicate security situation, which he said could not be compromised in a final peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority.