Various Dangers Lead to Prayers

A mass prayer rally has been called for Sunday afternoon at the Western Wall in light of the nuclear, diplomatic, and other dangers facing Israel.

Hillel Fendel,

Western Wall prayers
Western Wall prayers
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A mass prayer rally has been called for late Sunday afternoon at the Western Wall in light of the diplomatic and other dangers facing Israel. 

Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, elder rabbi of the religious-Zionist sector, will be present, despite his ill health, and other hareidi and religious-Zionist rabbis call upon the public to follow his example and show up as well.  

The prayers will be held on Erev Rosh Chodesh, the eve of the new month – in this case, the month of Tammuz – which is considered a “minor Yom Kippur” and particularly appropriate for communal prayers during troubled times.

The organizers cite the mass-murderous intentions of Iran against Israel, Israel’s government plans to continue to destroy Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria, and world powers' desire to rid nearly all of these areas of Jewish presence altogether and build an Arab state in its place.

Other participants wish to add other elements to the list of issues requiring prayers. The gay parades in Tel Aviv last week and Jerusalem this coming week are cited as examples of “abominations” that the Bible threatens could lead to the “vomiting out” of the Land’s Jewish residents. 

In addition, recent Jerusalem municipal plans to minimize Jewish construction and increase Arab construction are also noted as a source of grave concern.

One anti-parade movement says that the prayer rally is not the best way to block the gay pride from defiling Jerusalem’s streets, and that more concrete action is needed. “The land will vomit out its residents because of the foreign abominations that are carried out with silent consent for ‘fear of our children,’” one group says, referring to the opinion of some that the fight against homosexual parades should not be made public for fear that the youth will hear of things better left unsaid. “When the axe falls, remember that you were silent! Torah leaders, do not hide. It is in your power to stop this parade. You need only announce that if this and other such marches are not banned in this country, you will quit the government coalition and leave Netanyahu and Livni to run this country of impurity… At least you will be able to say ‘our hands did not spill this blood.’ There is no point to prayers, fasts and vigils ‘in light of the situation’ if at the same time we allow this to happen. ‘Even if you pray very much, I will not hear’ (Isaiah 1). Does anyone hear?”