Israeli Spy Ring’s Equipment Displayed in Beirut

Lebanese officers displayed advanced surveillance equipment that they suspect was used in spying for Israel during Israel's 2006 war in Lebanon.

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Avraham Zuroff,

Suspected: Lebanese spy ring
Suspected: Lebanese spy ring
Israel News Photo: (file)

Lebanese Internal Security Force officers displayed on Monday advanced surveillance equipment that they suspect was used in spying for Israel.

During the last few weeks, Lebanese authorities arrested and charged at least 14 suspects for spying on behalf of the Jewish State. Most of the suspects were apprehended in southern Lebanon. They possessed surveillance equipment, including closed-circuit broadcasting equipment and a mapping device concealed in a water cooler that allegedly tracked strategic targets in Lebanon.

A Lebanese police officer noted that the maps were marked with targets, including bridges and military posts. According to the police officer who hid his identity with a black mask, Israeli aircraft bombed all of the marked targets during its 2006 Second Lebanon War against Hizbullah terrorists.

Another officer stated that the alleged agents were ordered to track individuals and to gather information about strategic sites. The information was passed to their operators in coded radio messages that were broadcast by satellite or via the Internet.

Two Lebanese citizens were arrested earlier this week in southern Lebanon on suspicion of spying for Israel, according to Lebanese security officials.

Officials have claimed the alleged spies were part of "sleeper cells," designated to provide Israel with strategic information about Hizbullah terrorists in Lebanon.

When asked to comment, Israeli officials refused to deny or affirm the spy allegations. Lebanon and Israel are technically at war. Lebanese citizens found guilty for spying for an enemy country may be sentenced to death.