EU Groups Aide Illegal Arab Building

EU-based charities such as Oxfam routinely aid PA Arabs in violating Israeli law, building on state land.

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Arab-owned building
Arab-owned building
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Dozens of European Union-based charities, such as Oxfam, routinely violate Israeli law by aiding Palestinian Authority Arabs in building illegal structures. Millions of dollars are poured into construction projects, while no attempt is made to get approval from Israel. Many projects are built on state land or on areas needed for national security.


In the above video, Ovad Arad of the Movement for the Protection of National Land details Oxfam's illegal activities and those of similar groups. “There's no question,” Arad says, “none of the charitable organizations from the EU that have come to help the Palestinians have any authorization to do what they are doing.”

Within Israel, Arad says, officials have orders “from on high” not to enforce the law when EU charities are involved.