Auschwitz – The Last Photo Album

Yad Vashem presents the world's only photo album depicting life, and death, in Auschwitz.

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Women and children enter Auschwitz
Women and children enter Auschwitz
Israel News Photo: (Yad Vashem)

The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Project presents the world's only set of photographs documenting the Auschwitz death camp. The photos follow Jewish prisoners as they step off the trains, enter the camp, and are sorted, with some going on to forced labor while most walk to their deaths in the gas chambers.

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The one-of-a-kind album was discovered by Holocaust survivor Lilly Jacobs, whose parents and siblings were murdered in Auschwitz. Jacobs, then a teenager, found the photos in the camp's deserted Nazi barracks when the war ended. She gave the album to Yad Vashem in 1980.

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Auschwitz – The Last Photo Album