IDF: Beit Haggai Terrorist Planned to Attack School Children

The terrorist who infiltrated Beit Haggai was on his way to attack kids in the town, IDF investigators said.

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David Lev,

Beit Haggai
Beit Haggai
Hevron Regional Council

The terrorist who infiltrated the community of Beit Haggai in the Judean mountains on Friday planned to attack children who were on their way to school, an IDF investigation has concluded. According to the report, the terrorist passed by two women while he was roaming though the community, and could easily have attacked them – but did not do so, because he was focused on his prime targets, the children on their way to a local school.

The terrorist was identified as Rabah Siddar, an 18-year-old resident of a neighborhood in southern Hevron. He was seen by residents on Friday morning wandering around Beit Haggai, and several residents suspected him of being a thief. A local resident, Eliezer Lav, alerted a neighbor who was nearby, and together they surrounded the terrorist, demanding to know what his business was in Beit Haggai. In response, the terrorist pulled out a knife and began running after another resident, holding the knife in preparation for a stabbing attack. Lav pulled out his personal weapon and tried to shoot the terrorist, but was unable to do so right away.

Meanwhile, Lav and another resident caught up to the terrorist and attempted to wrestle him to the ground. The terrorist was able to stab Lav, and injured him in the leg. Attempting to shoot the terrorist again, Lav succeeded in getting off a shot, and hit the terrorist. The local first response security team, alerted by the shot, arrived on the scene, to find the terrorist killed by Lav's shot.

Tzviki Bar-Hai, head of the Har Hevron Regional Council, said that there had been no prior warning that an attack was imminent. "I see this attack as a clear, open challenge to the new government by the terrorists, who are waiting to see our reaction."

Security officials in the area told Israel National News that there has been an "atmosphere of complete disorder" ever since the IDF began allowing greater freedom of movement on the roads for local Arabs. "The Arabs go wherever they want thanks to the new permissive atmosphere, and even if the attack Friday was not the direct result of the removal of checkpoints and roadblocks, the increased freedom of movement certainly contributed to the attack," one source said.