Yesha Towns in Crosshairs: Terrorist Caught Outside Elon Moreh

An Arab terrorist was caught Sunday night as he was about to infiltrate Elon Moreh in Samaria, 3 days after a fatal infiltration into Bat Ayin.

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Elon Moreh
Elon Moreh
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An Arab terrorist was caught late Sunday night just as he was about to infiltrate the Jewish town of Elon Moreh in Samaria – only three days after a fatal infiltration into Bat Ayin.

Just a few days ago, as well, a bomb was found outside the entrance to Dolev, located northwest of Jerusalem. Sappers neutralized it before it could cause damage.
Our sense is that the towns in Yesha are always in the terrorists’ target sights.

The Jewish settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria, numbering over 300,000 Jews – including tens of thousands in small towns with hundreds of residents each – thus feels “targeted” by Arab terrorists.  So says Shai, the security officer of Elon Moreh.

The terrorist in Elon Moreh, one of the most veteran Jewish towns in Samaria, was sighted by one of the surveillance cameras stationed along the perimeter of the town.  He appeared to be carrying a weapon, and was seen climbing up a valley and nearing the town’s perimeter fence.  Elon Moreh’s emergency force rushed to the scene, alerting IDF forces at the same time, and the area was soon surrounded and the terrorist captured.

No weapon was found on his person, however, leading to the conclusion that he either threw it away when he saw the forces approaching, or did not have one in the first place.  An extensive search of the area has not produced the suspected weapon, nor traces of an accomplice.

“The IDF forces and our emergency unit worked very effectively together,” Shai said afterwards.  “Whether or not the Arab was carrying a weapon, it is clear that he is not supposed to be approaching our security fence around midnight.”

New Gov't Called on to Restore Anti-Terror Checkpoints
Gershon Mesika, head of the Samaria Regional Council, said, “The attempted infiltration is a direct result of the removal of the checkpoints around Shechem. I call on the new government to nullify the previous government’s irresponsible decisions to remove the anti-terrorism checkpoints.”

Given the recent murder in Bat Ayin, the bomb outside Dolev, and attempted infiltrations into Yesha towns, Shai said, “Our sense is that the towns in Yesha are always in the terrorists’ target sights.  The IDF has reported an increase in terrorist activity of late, though it is marked by local initiatives, and not necessarily those of major terrorist organizations.

The IDF confirmed that it was continuing the search this morning for a weapon, though at present the incident is not considered a terrorist matter, as the suspect was unarmed when found.