Federman vs. Tibon in USA

Nationalist activist Noam Federman and his wife are taking their dispute with Brig.-Gen. Noam Tibon to the US, where they plan to file suit.

Maayana Miskin,

Demolished Federman home
Demolished Federman home

Nationalist activist Noam Federman and his wife Elisheva are taking their fight with IDF Brigadier-General Noam Tibon to the United States, where they plan to sue him. Elisheva, who holds American citizenship, will charge Judea and Samaria division commander Tibon in connection with the destruction of her home outside Hevron last year.

"I still haven't received an explanation about why the state chose to expel a woman and nine young children at 1:30 a.m. How does that fit in with the state's obligation to protect children and with international treaties?” Elisheva Federman said in explanation of her suit.

"Unfortunately, the police and prosecutors give their full support to those responsible for expulsions, even if they act in a cruel manner. Outside Israel Tibon will not be defended like this. He'll have to face the charges," she continued.

The Federman family first tried to have Tibon charged in a rabbinic court called "The Beit Din for Matters of People and State." However, Tibon failed to appear before the court, leading the judges to determine that the Federmans may file charges in a secular or non-Jewish court.

The Federmans and their nine children have battled Tibon since the latter oversaw their arrest and the destruction of their home in the middle of the night in October of last year. The family says police beat Elisheva and the children while forcibly removing them from the home, and separated Elisheva from her young baby.

In the months that have passed since the destruction, the Federmans have often protested outside Tibon's home in Tel Aviv. Noam Federman was issued a restraining order this week, distancing him from Tibon and his family for six months.

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