Hamas Booby-Traps Empty Homes

Israeli soldiers face "an insane reality" as Hamas has booby-trapped abandoned homes in Gaza. More than 30 rigged structures have been discovered.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , | updated: 09:03

Mannequin is booby trap at Gaza home
Mannequin is booby trap at Gaza home
Israel News Photo: IDF

Israeli soldiers face "an insane reality" as Hamas has booby-trapped abandoned homes in Gaza, IDF spokesman Brigadier-General Avi Benayahu said Sunday evening. "We continue to face an insane reality of booby-trapped tunnels and booby-trapped schools," he said. "In one neighborhood of 150 homes, over 30 homes were found to be rigged with explosives.

Email readers: Click here to see IDF video of Gaza zoo and school filled with explosives ready for detonation.

Benayahu added that in many places, booby-trapped mannequins designed to resemble terrorists have been placed at the entrances of abandoned buildings in order to entice approaching IDF soldiers into firing at the explosive-rigged structures. The mannequins are rigged to explode when a soldier draws near.

Overnight, ground troops hit more than 40 armed terrorists, and none of the Israel Defense Forces was wounded. In several cases, ground forces directed the Air Force in targeting terrorists who were firing at them.
Paratrooper forces uncovered weaponry, camouflage uniforms and communications equipment during searches.
A tank squad identified a group of terrorists planting an explosive device, fired and confirmed hitting them.

The Air Force targeted 60 Hamas targets, including more than 20 smuggling tunnels along the Philadelphi smuggling route. At least 15 terrorists cells, seven weapons factories and storage buildings and rocket launcher sites were wiped out.

No rocket attacks were reported between Sunday night and dawn on Monday following 22 rocket attacks during the day.