Egypt Blocks Pro-Gaza Rallies

Egypt prevented protesters from demonstrating on behalf of Hamas-led Gaza on Monday, while Israel allowed a similar event in Haifa.

Maayana Miskin, | updated: 14:49

Protesters wave PLO banner in Tel Aviv
Protesters wave PLO banner in Tel Aviv
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Egypt prevented hundreds of people from protesting Israel's “Cast Lead” operation in Gaza on Monday, according to Reuters. The Muslim Brotherhood had organized a protest in the capital city of Cairo.

Police scattered the would-be demonstrators, arresting dozens. Several others were arrested when they attempted to regroup and hold the demonstration elsewhere in the city.

A similar demonstration was blocked on Friday, and 20 members of the Muslims Brotherhood were arrested. The group is ideologically linked to Hamas, and both groups call for a world-wide Islamic Caliphate.

Israel has allowed several large Muslim rallies opposing the operation in Gaza, including large demonstrations where protesters have waved PLO banners and called out, “With our blood we will free you, Palestine.”

Protesters marched this week in Sakhnin and Tel Aviv in protest of the operation. Arab Members of Knesset attended both events and accused the government of war crimes.

On Monday, Israeli police guarded several hundred demonstrators as they marched through the streets of Haifa in protest of the Gaza operation.