Meretz: 'Attack'; UN Condemns PA

The UN's Ki-moon condemned PA rocket attacks, while the far-left Meretz-New Movement Party called for "uncompromising" military action in Gaza.

Nissan Ratzlav-Katz,

A Meretz party logo
A Meretz party logo
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The ongoing rocket attacks by Palestinian Authority terrorists in Gaza have drawn some unusual reactions. The United Nations Secretary-General condemned PA rocket attacks, while the far-left Meretz-New Movement Party has called for "uncompromising" military action in Gaza.

In a statement issued by his spokesperson on Wednesday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon "condemns today's rocket attacks on southern Israel." He "is gravely concerned about the situation in Gaza and southern Israel and the potential for further violence and civilian suffering if calm is not restored."

PA terrorists have fired nearly 100 rockets and mortars at Jewish towns and villages in the southern part of the country in the space of two days, leading to various degrees of damage and ongoing trauma for residents of the targeted communities. Israel has carried out several low-level air strikes targeting rocket launchers, the rocket-launching cells, and the sites they use for firing their projectiles. In addition, the crossings connecting the Palestinian Authority in Gaza with the rest of Israel have been closed to traffic for eight days, ever since Hamas stepped up its rocket barrages on Israeli targets.

The UN Office for the Coordination for Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA) complained that "ongoing closures have significantly reduced the capacity of UN humanitarian agencies to provide assistance in the event of an escalation in violence." The UN is "facing severe difficulties in implementing their regular programs." In his comments, Ki-moon made it clear that only peaceful means can resolve the situation in Gaza.
It appears that the far-left Meretz-New Movement party disagrees with Ki-moon.

Yet, it appears that the far-left Meretz-New Movement party disagrees with Ki-moon, as it has called for immediate military action in Gaza in order to halt the rocket attacks on southern Israel.

In a statement issued Thursday, the party said, "The time has to act without compromise and without narrow political considerations, to protect the citizens of the Gaza periphery and Sderot. There is no choice but to hit Hamas in a precise way and to act for a renewed ceasefire."

On the other hand, the Meretz party chairman, Knesset Member Chaim Oron, warned Wednesday against a broad military offensive in Gaza. He says there is no choice but to talk with Hamas - an organization that calls openly for Israel's destruction. Admitting that specific Israeli attacks against terrorists are acceptable, and that temporary ceasefires will not bring long-term peace, Oron told the Yediot Aharonot newspaper that those options are better than re-capturing Gaza.