Israeli Salad 175: Archeology, Music and Video

On INNTV's weekly magazine: a 2,100-year-old wall. The Ben Hashmashot Band. The New Song Video Project.

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"New Song Project"
"New Song Project"

On this week’s Israeli Salad, Yoni takes us to Jerusalem to see the latest archeological discovery – a 2,100-year-old wall from the Hasmonean period.

After the history lesson, Israeli Salad continues with music, presenting tunes and words from the lead-singer and songwriter of the Ben Hashmashot band. Ben Hashmashot combines modern rock and personal lyrics influenced by Jewish scriptures. The band has just recently come out with their second album.

This week, Israeli Salad presents a special “sneak peak” feature: The New Song Project. The project is a unique video series which deals with fundamental Jewish topics. The creators of the series, Uri, a religious-Charedi Jew who became observant a few years ago, and Eli, his non-observant friend, tell us about this innovative video project.


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