Bridal Shower For New Brides from Gush Katif

A Jerusalem backyard will be the scene of one of the biggest bridal showers ever held, to raise money to help new brides from Gush Katif.

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Hana Levi Julian,

Sunset on a Gush Katif beach
Sunset on a Gush Katif beach
Photo: Yishai Fleisher

At least 200 people are expected to attend one of the biggest bridal showers ever held in a Jerusalem backyard Wednesday night to benefit new brides who grew up in the formerly Jewish region of Gush Katif in Gaza.


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The "Gush Katif Kallot Project" is the brainchild of Lisa Goldenhersh, an American immigrant who organizes benefits both in Israel and abroad for the young couples-to-be.

The newlyweds are the children of families that were once "on the other side of the tzedakah box", she says, and some have difficulty accepting the help. But all of them need it.

In the above video, Goldenhersh tells Israel National News she makes sure that young couples whose families were expelled from their homes in 2005 can at least begin their new lives with basics such as bedding, simple appliances and kitchen equipment.