Miracle at IsraelNationalNews.com: How a Blog Made a Difference

A medical miracle occurred yesterday thanks to the prayers of Israel National News readers all over the world.

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Baruch Gordon,

A medical miracle occurred yesterday thanks to the prayers of Israel National News readers all over the world.  Intensive care unit physicians in Michigan had nearly abandoned hope for a highly-decorated former Israel Army lieutenant colonel when suddenly he opened his eyes and asked to go home.

His son, a Michigan-based neurosurgeon, reports:   "A very strange thing happened today when all of us went to the hospital to see my Dad. They had taken him off the oxygen, and he was sitting up, but most important, the great smile that is always in his eyes was back, thank G-d."

Over the last few days, the drama has been played out on Tzvi Fishman’s Israel National News blog, “Hollywood to the Holy Land.”

Fishman, a former Hollywood screenwriter and founder of the popular, JewishSexuality.com website which deals with the problem of Internet pornography, says that the Israeli lieutenant colonel prefers to be known as Dovid ben Leizer for security reasons.

“For the last several weeks, I have been writing about the supreme importance of living in Israel,” Fishman relates. “Ben Leizer began sending in talkbacks expressing his view that Jews made valuable contributions wherever they lived. This sparked a very heated, talkback exchange between readers, which the lieutenant colonel apparently took to heart. A friend of his wrote that he had been hospitalized and asked Israel National News readers to pray for his recovery. After I posted his very emotional appeal, readers responded from all over the world, from Shilo in Israel to Kyoto, Japan. People put notes in the Western Wall, shofars were sounded, and prayers were recited at pre-dawn minyans at the Western Wall. Others recited special prayers, called “Tikunim,” at the gravesites of holy Tzaddikim, like the Chida and the revered Kabbalist, HaRav Mordechai Sharabi.”

In today’s “Hollywood to the Holy Land” blog, the ailing talkbacker’s son, Dr. Moshe ben Dovid, describes an incredible dream that his father had last night, just before his condition miraculously improved. In talkback #23, he writes to the blog readers, “I swear I have no explanation to give you, but we are so happy. I believe that your overwhelming concern has done more than any medicine I could have prescribed.”

It’s nice to hear some good news.

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