12 Rockets on Thursday, Including 2 Katyushas

After firing more than 25 Kassams at Israel on Wednesday, Hamas began Thursday with a bang, firing another dozen, including two Katyushas.

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Hillel Fendel,

Hamas terrorists have fired 12 rockets at Israel so far Thursday, causing fear but no concrete damage.  Two rockets were fired at Sderot around 9 AM, with one landing in the city and one to the south, and another one hit the Eshkol region shortly after 10 AM.

Two Katyusha Grad rockets were fired towards the coastal city of Ashkelon, one in the early morning and another in the afternoon. Both fell short, causing no damage. Also this morning, including just before dawn, Kassams were fired towards Israel, landing in the Shaar HaNegev, Sdot Negev and Eshkol regions to the east of Gaza. 

Some 30 Kassam rockets were fired by Gaza enemy at Israel on Wednesday, miraculously causing only minor damage and no casualties.

A Hamas spokesman told Army Radio that Israel was at fault: "After we killed three [Israeli] soldiers yesterday, the [Israel] Air Force came in and bombed us, and killed innocent people and children! [At least nine terrorists were killed in the attack - ed.] We never target children!"

Army Radio interviewer Razi Barkai scoffed at this, but did not take the time to actually rebut him: "Oh, really!  OK, let's just go on..." 

The Hamas spokesman, speaking nearly perfect Hebrew with barely an Arabic accent, then said, "And then in the West Bank [Shomron], not even in Gaza, you go and kill two men - what's that about?" Here Barkai took a few seconds to respond, saying, "Please, we both know who these 'men' are - they're terrorists of Islamic Jihad who, if they didn't shoot today, planned to shoot us tomorrow."  The spokesman did not respond.

Two Islamic Jihad Terrorists Killed
In the incident in question, which took place before dawn this morning, an IDF force entered the town of Kabatiye, just south of the northern Shomron terror capital of Jenin, in the heart of the largest chunk of PA-controlled area.  The force surrounded a building in which were hiding two top wanted terrorists of the Islamic Jihad terror wing.  After the ensuing exchange of fire, the the two terrorists were dead; no casualties were caused to the Israeli forces.  The IDF destroyed most of the building with bulldozers. The force continued to battle other Islamic Jihad terrorists in the town afterwards. 

The IDF arrested 26 wanted Palestinian terrorists over the course of the night in various areas of Judea and Samaria.