Maj.-Gen. Davis Calls for 'A Totally Different Mindset' in War

Speaking at the Jerusalem Conference, Maj.-Gen. Harley Davis spoke of what makes current wars unique. 'The focus is on the people," he said.

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Gil Ronen,

Major General (ret.) Harley C. Davis – former CO of the US Special Forces Command addressed the Jerusalem Conference Tuesday and spoke of the current fighting in the Middle East. "What makes this warfare so vastly different," he said, "is the focus on the population itself."

"It's on the people," he said, "it's not about a piece of terrain or an area. It requires a totally different mindset and different capabilities than the warfare that focuses on defeating the large, standing military formations and seizing and holding a piece of terrain."

"The enemy that we are facing will normally take one or more courses of action – such as insurgency, such as terrorism and disinformation," Davis explained. "Their aim is to gain the people's support."

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