Neo-Nazi Vandals Attack Haifa Synagogue

A string of neo-Nazi incidents continued over the Sukkot holiday with an attack on a Haifa synagogue on the Sabbath.

Hana Levi Julian, | updated: 12:01

Anti-Semitic attacks are continuing throughout the country despite efforts by law enforcement officials to track down and eliminate neo-Nazi cells that are behind the incidents.

Arsonists over the Sabbath attacked a synagogue in Haifa, torching its sukkah (holiday booth) and burning it to the ground.

The attackers defaced at least one of the synagogue’s Torah scrolls, scrawling swastikas on it. Several of the synagogue's Torah scrolls were recovered not far from the site. Police are investigating.

Less than 24 hours later, residents of Ramat Hasharon discovered two swastikas spray-painted on the wall of a garbage chute on Bereishit Street. The Sunday morning vandalism has been added to the list of anti-Semitic incidents being tracked in the center of the country.

Neo-Nazis have attacked a number of Jewish religious sites over the past two and a half weeks, since the beginning of the Hebrew holiday-laden month of Tishrei, which fell on the evening of September 12 of the Gregorian calendar.

B'nei Brak residents awoke last week to find to swastikas and pro-Hitler graffiti on the walls of a local synagogue. The building is located on Kahanoman Street in the almost exclusively hareidi religious city in the Tel Aviv region.

Also last week, residents of an Allenby Street apartment building in Haifa reported finding anti-Semitic grafitti on the walls of their stairwell. The graffiti included anti-Semitic slogans and at least one swastika.

Among the first Nazi spray-painting in this wave of attacks were two swastikas found on the walls of a Dimona synagogue on the second day of Rosh Hashanah. The swastikas were found on the building's wall and on the fence surrounding it.

Dimona Mayor Meir Cohen, who was among those who discovered the swastikas, promised a reward from his own pocket to anyone who would provide information on the perpetrators.

Neo-Nazis attacked a 70-year-old woman who was walking on the bridge connecting the Meridian Hotel and the Neveh David neighborhood in Haifa, September 17.

"Two gang members beat" her, said the victim, one kicking her, causing her injuries, and the other snapping to a Nazi salute and shouting out "Heil Hitler." She was able to escape when a street sweeper  stepped in to help her. The Nazi-youth beat him, too.

Haifa Radio reported that not far from the scene of that attack, neo-Nazis victimized a family from Neveh Yosef the same day.

The family woke up to find their car's tires had been slit and that a huge swastika on top of a Star of David had been painted on the vehicle.

Police arrested a neo-Nazi gang in Petach Tikva one month before the first of these attacks.