Footage Shows Security Guard's Heroism, Terrorist's Attack

Police have released the footage of Friday's terrorist attack in Jerusalem's Old City and a security guard's quick response, killing the terrorist.

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Gil Ronen and Ezra HaLevi,

Doubt cast by Arab bystanders and family members of Friday's Old City terrorist regarding his guilt and the security guards' response have been cast aside as footage of the attack has been released.

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Police have released closed circuit video footage of the terrorist incident in Jerusalem's Old City on Friday which clearly shows that the terrorist, Ahmed Hatib, grabbed a security man's gun, fired on the same guard from close range, and was not the victim of an execution-style gunshot with no provocation.

The terrorist's family – Israeli Arabs from the village of Manda near Haifa – have been saying that their son was just a "quiet boy" and that he was the victim of a premeditated cold-blooded murder by the security guards. The family members of the Arab terrorist swore that he had made no provocation whatsoever warranting any response by the security personnel.

Until the release of the filmed documentation, Israeli media cooperated with the family. For example, the Ynet news site dropped the word "terrorist" in their descriptions of the Hatib. Channel 2 TV quoted the Arab lies of an execution-style shooting in their initial reports of the incident, immediately turning the focus of the report against the security guard whose heroism saved the day.

However, the closed circuit footage clearly shows that the claims of the family members regarding the terrorist's guilt are baseless.

Another aspect of the incident that was the focus of attention on Voice of Israel state-run radio immediately following the attack was the claim of a local Arab shopkeeper that the terrorist had been on the ground and injured when the guards shot him dead, carrying out a "confirmed kill."

The footage that would show the final shots was not released. Fellow security guards told Arutz-7 that they know the police are reviewing the footage, but that the killing of the terrorist was done in the only way possible to ensure that the armed man, even once injured, would not continue to shoot bystanders with the gun that he swiped from the guard.

Israeli-Arab Islamic Chief: He Was a Martyr

Sheikh Raad Salah, leader of the northern branch of the Islamic movement in Israel, said that Ahmed Hatib, the terrorist who was killed in a shootout in Jerusalem on Friday, is now part "of a line of martyrs marching from generation to generation."

Speaking at Hatib's funeral, Salah said: "If the Israeli establishment thought it would give us a frightening message through this murder, we trample this message underfoot. We must remember that there have been many occupiers here and they have all disappeared."

Salah is due to stand trial for incitement for a speech he made in Jerusalem several months ago, following Israeli attempts to conduct an excavation outside the Temple Mount.

Police have yet to respond to inquiries on whether they will investigate Salah for lavishing praise on the terrorist Hatib and thereby inciting to violence.