MK Eldad: "Revoke Disengagement Law and Settle Gush Katif"

National Union MK proposes legislation to revoke the Disengagement Law and enable the government to renew Jewish settlement in northern Shomron.

Hillel Fendel,

Katif demolition
Katif demolition

National Union MK proposes legislation to revoke the Disengagement Law and enable the government to renew Jewish settlement in northern Shomron.

In submitting his proposed legislation to the Knesset this week, MK Eldad explained, "Ever since the end of the expulsion, on Sept. 22, 2005, the events have proven that the entire plan, directed by then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, was a total failure. Israel's international standing has deteriorated, and Palestinian terrorism against Israeli citizens has intensified."

"Non-stop Kassam rockets and the kidnapping of the soldier Gilad Shalit are just some of the results of the sense of victory [in the Palestinian Authority]," Eldad said, "in the wake of Israel's flight from Gaza. Thousands of Israeli citizens who were sent to settle these areas by Israeli governments found themselves uprooted in their own country, with no permanent home, source of sustenance, or clear future."

Eldad said that the clauses of the law that forbid entry into Gush Katif and northern Shomron, and that stipulate punishments for these acts, should be abolished: "They were designed only to prevent the Disengagement from being carried out, and to protect the safety of those who might enter these areas - but these considerations are no longer relevant. In Gaza, the Disengagement has already been carried out, and in northern Shomron, the area remains under Israeli control."
...In light of the increasing realization that the Disengagement was an error...

In conclusion, Eldad explains, "In light of the political developments that have taken place of late, and in light of the change in the public perception, which is now that the expulsion/withdrawal was a grave historic error, it is appropriate that the Knesset approve this bill as a first remedial step, leading to the resettlement of Jews in northern Shomron."

MK Asks to Drop Kfar Darom Charges
In a related item, MK Rabbi Chaim Amsalem (Shas) has asked Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann to withdraw the charges against the youths of the Kfar Darom roof. During the destruction of Kfar Darom, as part of the Disengagement plan, dozens of youths fortified themselves on the roof of the local synagogue and tried to prevent the expulsion forces from reaching them. It was alleged that they threw acid at the expulsion forces, though this was shown to be false the next day.

"Many Knesset committees have already discussed the idea of closing criminal files against expulsion protestors," Amsalem wrote, "as a sign of solidarity and a desire to mend the rift in the country that resulted from this complex situation. For instance, charges against minors have been dropped - except for those from Kfar Darom.

"I would like to remind you," Amsalem continued, "that these are not repeat offenders of delinquents... They rather acted out of concern and responsibility for their country. They have no criminal background..."

As Eldad in his legislation, Amsalem concluded by stating, "Especially in light of the situation on the Gaza border that reminds many of those who supported the withdrawal to change their minds... I turn to you to take a step of brotherliness and order the State Prosecution to erase the indictments."