Arutz-7 Photo Exclusive: Homesh Cleared by Force

The Jews who returned to Homesh awoke Wednesday to a mass of black-clad riot police who proceeded to forcibly remove them from the community.

Ezra HaLevi ,

Though batons were not used, the removal was not free of injuries

Children, traumatized from their expulsion less than two years ago, are distracted with games during the evacuation
Others say Psalms

Some did not pack their bags or tents

Police did not adhere to the laws requiring female officers for the evacuation of female activists

A blank name tag skirts the law requiring an identification tag

"We'll be back!"
About a hundred activists run to the adjacent hills and valleys, returning to Homesh after nightfall
"This year in Homesh"

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(Photos: Elyashiv Livyatan)