Zeiler Report: Will Police Chief Karadi Have to Go?

Leaks: Interior Security Minister Dichter has been in touch with possible replacements for Commissioner Karadi. Report to be made public at 12:30

Gil Ronen,

Israeli Police's top brass await the publication of the conclusions of the Zeiler Commission's inquiry with bated breath Sunday. Some leaks suggest the report will mean the end of current Police Commissioner Moshe Karadi's tenure, but according to others, he will be able to continue at his post. According to one report, Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter has already contacted former Labor Party head Amram Mitzna and offered him the post of Police Commissioner instead of Karadi. Other reports say Lt. Gen. (ret.) Amiram Levine is also a candidate to replace Karadi.

The Zeiler Commission, headed by retired judge Vardi Zeiler, was appointed to investigate the police's handling of what is known as the "Perinian brothers affair," a complicated chain of events including suspicions of underworld payoffs to detectives, a policeman turned murderer who himself was murdered, and subsequent suspected cover-ups.

The Zeiler Report will be handed to the minister of justice, to the minister of internal security, to the lawyers of the men who stand to be damaged by it and to the press at 11:30 AM. It will be embargoed for publication until 12:30 PM, following a briefing that will be held at the Jerusalem Hyatt Hotel. The report is 250 pages long and "will include clear cut recommendations to terminate the tenure of some of the currently serving officers," according to a source familiar with the commission's work.

The commission is expected to criticize Police Commissioner Karadi's actions and inactions in the Perinian Affair when he was commander of the Israel Police's southern district. According to one report, two of the commission's members will call outright for Karadi to step down, but the report will stop short of formally recommending Karadi's ouster.

Besides Karadi, the report is expected to contain criticism of senior police officers, of the State Prosecution's southern district, of the head of the Department for Investigation of Police Officers, Herzl Shbiro, and apparently also of Shbiro's predecessor, current State Prosecutor Eran Shendar. Also among those warned by the commission are Major General Ilan Franco, Commander of the Jerusalem District, and former commissioner Shlomo Aharonishki.