Rockets Fired Toward Sderot and Ashkelon

Two Kassam rockets were fired at Israeli cities from Gaza Sunday night – one toward Sderot and the other toward Ashkelon; no one was hurt. Five more Arabs were killed in Fatah-Hamas fighting.

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Ezra HaLevi, | updated: 21:12

The rockets were fired by the Islamic Jihad terror group, which has been largely standing on the sidelines as Fatah and Hamas battle it out in the streets of Gaza.

Islamic Jihad’s statement taking credit for the rockets called upon all Arab factions to unite toward the common goal of killing Jews.

The group has recently announced that it will begin firing improved rockets with longer ranges and a larger payload of explosives.

Sderot and other communities in the western Negev have reportedly been bracing for the worst, fearing a new onslaught of rockets once Fatah and Hamas stop fighting each other and focus once again on the common enemy: Israel.

That may not be far off. Both Hamas and Fatah have agreed to a Saudi proposal to hold negotiation in Mecca, according to a report by Al-Arabiya television.

Previous negotiations over the past several days have led to nothing. Five more Arabs were killed in Fatah-Hamas shootouts in Gaza City on Monday, for a total of 31 dead since Thursday.