Jewish Agency Man Murdered, Defense Ministry Official Missing

An Israeli emissary in Russia was beaten to death by unknown attackers and a Defense Ministry official in France has been missing since Saturday.

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Ezra HaLevi, | updated: 20:40

Twenty-five-year-old Konstantin Borovko, an Israeli citizen, was found beaten to death in the eastern Russian town of Vladivostok on Saturday. He was buried Thursday in the city’s cemetery.

Borovko worked for a local television station and also ran several projects for the Jewish Agency in the region. Police say he was leaving a nightclub with a friend when the two were attacked. Borovko died after several blows to the head.

In Paris, France, Defense Ministry emissary to the European Union David Dahan went missing from his home Saturday. He lived at the residence alone while his wife and child remained in Israel.

Dahan’s official job is to purchase military equipment from Europe for the IDF. The mission used to be located in central Paris, but was moved to a suburb after it was targeted with a car bomb in 1982.

French police have been leaking details of the case to the press, including the existence of a possible suicide note at the residence and speculation that he had been depressed.

Dahan’s car was found parked near the Seine River in the town of Rouen Wednesday. Police say no signs of violence could be found in the vehicle.

Divers have been dispatched to search the river.