US Money Paves Saddam Hussein Street in PA Village

Saddam Hussein road, in the Palestinian Authority, has been ceremoniously repaved using money from the American USAID agency.

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Ezra HaLevi, | updated: 20:40

The PA-assigned town of Yaabid named both its school and its main street after the former Iraqi dictator.

“In the Yaabid Municipality… thousands of citizens held a requiem for the soul of Saddam in the mosque,” Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reported on January 4th. “Following that, a march began in the streets of the municipality, that ended at the offices of the Yaabid Municipality, where a mourners’ tent was opened in his memory. Public figures and the [terrorist] factions in Yaabid decided to name one of the schools in the municipality and its most important street after Saddam to immortalize his memory and to emphasize the values of Arabness and Jihad, which he represented.”

Palestinian Media Watch compiled a list of similarly ironic beneficiaries of American assistance, saying, “This is not the first time that US money has gone to build Palestinian infrastructures that are named to glorify terrorists and enemies of the US.”

Following a US grant to the municipality of Jenin, earmarked for roadwork in the town, a block in the city center named for the first Iraqi suicide-bomber was refurbished. The terrorist, who killed four American soldiers in Fallujah, was praised by the city’s mayor at the block’s dedication. According to Al-Hayat Al-Jadida of April 4, 2004, speakers at the dedication praised the “resistance of the residents of Fallujah.”

In May, 2004, USAID funded the building of the Salaf Khalef Sports Center. Khalef, known also as Abi Iyad, was the head of the Black September terror group, which stood behind the murder of two US diplomats in Sudan, as well as the Munich massacre of eleven Israeli Olympic athletes.

In December, 2004, USAID funded the renovation of the Dalal Mughrabi School – named after Mughrabi and her terror group, who killed American photographer Gail Rubin and 36 Israelis.