Six Gaza Terror Groups Warn Abbas: ?Leave Hamas Alone?

Six terror gangs warned Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas Sunday night not to try to dissolve the Hamas Executive Force. <BR><br/>

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Hana Levi Julian, | updated: 09:46

Following an escalation in killings and kidnappings between rival groups in the PA, Abbas announced over the weekend that he would outlaw and disarm the Hamas-affiliatied Executive Force. In response, six terror groups issued a joint announcement saying they will kill “collaborators and traitors” if Abbas attempts to carry out his threat to disband the force.

“We hold Abbas responsible for every drop of blood that will be shed by our kinsmen because of his decision,” said a statement by the terrorist coalition.

“We hold him personally responsible, along with the master of conspiracy and division, the godfather of the American plot, named Mohammed Dahlan,” the statement continued, adding that “with much regret,” the group might find itself “forced occasionally [to] strike the hubs of treason and conspiracy.”

Fatah officials said bluntly that the statement constituted a threat to assassinate Abbas and Dahlan.

Five of the six gangs are linked to Hamas, while the sixth is a split-off from Abbas’ own Fatah faction. The coalition includes three of the terrorist organizations that carried out the cross-border raid last June in which IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit was captured. Shalit’s whereabouts remain unknown, though Egyptian officials say he is alive.

The Hamas-controlled Palestinian Legislative Council also rejected Abbas’ decision, and appealed to Egyptian officials to intervene and block the PA leader from carrying it out.

In other Hamas-Fatah war news, Fatah released Shechem Deputy Mayor Mahadi Al-Hamdali this afternoon, three days after he was kidnapped. In Ramallah, Fatah men set fire to six stores owned by Hamas supporters.