Calls for Olmert´s Replacement From Far and Wide

The Rabbinical Congress for Peace, a coalition of over 1,200 rabbinic leaders, calls for a "democratic uprising" to replace the Olmert gov't. Full-page ads in US weeklies call for Olmert to resign.

Hillel Fendel, | updated: 15:30

“Out of love for each and every Jew," the Rabbinical Congress (RCP) statement reads, "we call on the people of Israel and its leaders to begin a democratic uprising to immediately replace this government, which constitutes an ominous threat to the nation of Israel."

Former Chief Rabbis Mordechai Eliyahu and Avraham Shapira are among the signatories, as is Rabbi Meir Mazuz, head of Israel's Tunisian Jewish community.
The RCP labeled Olmert’s speech in Sde Boker, in which he offered to free terrorist prisoners and give up large areas of Judea and Samaria for a Palestinian state, "an extension of Sharon’s crimes."

In its statement issued on Wednesday, the RCP states that “Olmert, as Sharon, continues to adhere to the advice of the false left-wing 'prophets' who have already caused catastrophic consequences in Israel in both the south and the north - instead of adhering to the true prophets, as expressed in the Jewish Code of Law [Orach Chaim 329] that any territorial concession to the enemy will only lead to bloodshed."

Full-Page Ad Campaign
At the same time, New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind has launched a campaign calling for Olmert to resign on his own. The campaign includes full-page ads in several American Anglo-Jewish weeklies throughout the U.S.

The hard-hitting ads call Olmert "arrogant, delusional, irresponsible, inept" and more, in the face of growing threats from Hamas, Hizbullah, Iran, and Syria and following "the defeat in Lebanon." Furthermore, the ad states, "Olmert's desperation does not permit him to recognize the futility of disengagement, as he continues with his delusional fantasies about realignment... More than ever, Israel needs strong leadership. Olmert does not have what it takes: integrity, decisiveness, determination, vision, the strength and skill to lead Israel. Ehud, please resign, for the sake of Israel and the Jewish people."

The ads are to appear in seven Anglo-Jewish weeklies in New York, New Jersey, Florida, California and Washington, D.C.