Day 2 of So-Called ?Ceasefire?: Kassam Attack on Sderot

Two Kassam rockets were fired from northern Gaza at the southern Israeli city of Sderot Monday afternoon in violation of the “ceasefire” agreement for the second time in two days.

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Hana Levi Julian, | updated: 18:18

Three Kassam rockets slammed into the city of Sderot and surrounds, two hours after the ceasefire allegedly went into effect. Another rocket landed in the Eshkol region of the Negev and a fifth landed a short time after, again in Sderot.

No one was hurt and no damage was reported in the Monday afternoon attack, which nonetheless terrorized Sderot residents who had been led to believe the siege on their community had ended.

“We were all outside because we thought the firing had ended,” said Sderot resident Odelia Peretz. “We thought the truce would hold. Children were panicking, there was hysteria,” she told the Ynet news service.

The Gaza-based Popular Resistance Committees terrorist organization took responsibility for the attack, which came after the group’s commander in the PA town of Jenin was killed in a shootout with Israel Defense Forces earlier in the day. A woman who took the terrorist’s gun after he was shot was also killed in the firefight.

Abu Abir, a spokesman for the PRC, accused Israel of breaking the ceasefire but stopped short of saying that the Kassam attack was in retaliation for the Jenin terror leader’s death.