Paris to Donate Eiffel Tower to Jerusalem

Thanks to Paris' Socialist Mayor Bertrand Delano? and his Gallic beau geste, Jerusalem will soon have a new landmark – a 25-meter high copy of the Eiffel Tower.

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Gil Zohar, | updated: 21:01

The 1/13-scale miniature is to be erected in Paris Square, the busy, midtown intersection where King George and Keren HaYesod Streets cross Agron, Ramban and Aza Roads.

The gift from the Paris municipality will commemorate the 40th anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem during the 1967 Six-Day War.

French cities have a tradition of offering presents to sister cities across the world. In 1885, France presented La libert? ?clairant le monde, better known as the Statue of Liberty, to New York to mark the United States' centennial and as a gesture of friendship between the two nations.

Completed in 1889, the 300-meter tall Eiffel Tower replaced the Washington Monument as the tallest structure in the world, retaining this title until 1930.

The Tunis-born Mayor Delano? came to office in 2001 as the head of a coalition of Socialists, Greens and Communists, the first left-wing government to rule the French capital since the Paris commune of 1871. He is the first declared homosexual to achieve a high rank in French politics, and survived a 2002 assassination attempt.
Delano? is currently visiting Israel, and met Sunday with Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski to announce his gift.

"Friendly relations developed between Paris and Jerusalem," Lupolianski said. "I believe that the upgraded square which is located in the central location will help maintain relations between the two cities."