Arab Shepherds Shoot Jewish Motorist, PA Police Shoot Reservist

A Jewish man was shot by Arab shepherds who blocked the road and ambushed his vehicle Thursday near Kiryat Arba. The victim was wounded in his arm.

Ezra HaLevi and Hillel Fendel, | updated: 19:26

The shepherds blocked Highway 35 near the Jewish community of Telem, forcing motorist Ami Deri - a resident of the Harsina neighborhood of Kiryat Arba - to slow down. One of the terrorists approached the vehicle and pulled out a gun, which he held to Deri's head.

Deri pushed the gun away from his head but was shot in the arm in the process.

He sped off and called the emergency center in Kiryat Arba, which sent an ambulance to meet the vehicle at the main Highway 60 junction. MDA ambulance driver Benny Teneh said it was unclear exactly where the incident took place from the frantic emergency call they received, so two ambulances were dispatched to different possible locations.

Deri was treated and transported to Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital’s trauma ward.

The IDF launched a manhunt for the terrorist shepherds, but have not yet located them.

PA Police Engage IDF
One IDF soldier was wounded in southern Gaza late Thursay when Palestinian Authority police - armed by the Israeli government under the Oslo Accords - opened fire on IDF troops. The soldier, a reservist, is in moderate condition at Be’er Sheva’s Soroka Hospital.

The IDF returned fire and killed the PA policemen. The operation took place in the town of Khan Yunis, which borders the demolished Gush Katif town of N’vei Dekalim.

Elsewhere, PA Arabs fired two anti-tank rockets at IDF soldiers operating in Gaza.

Counter-Terror Operations
IDF soldiers taking part in counter-terror operations in Judea and Samaria overnight arrested 21 wanted terrorists from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah. The arrests took place in Shechem, where a large cache of weapons was discovered in one of the homes, Tul Karem, Ramallah and Bir Zeit, the village known for its militant PA university.

On Thursday night, Israel Air Force craft bombed a building known to be an arms-storehouse. No one was hurt, as the army warned the residents of the attack beforehand, as is customary.

Attacks Thwarted
Several pounds of weapons-grade TNT were intercepted by the Shabak (General Security Service) earlier this week. The explosives were being smuggled out of Gaza with the aim of manufacturing Kassam rockets from the material in Tul Karem.

On Thursday, IDF soldiers identified a suspicious object buried in the ground in the Jenin region of northern Shomron. The bomb squad was called in and a 66-pound bomb attached to a propane tank was diffused. During the course of Thursday night, the IDF's Nahal Hareidi brigade killed three armed terrorists in Jenin; another terrorist, wielding an axe, was wounded.