Terrorist Killed Near Destroyed N. Samaria Town of Sa-Nur

A terrorist was shot dead by IDF soldiers near the former Jewish town of Sa-Nur, in northern Samaria, Tuesday. A Kassam was fired at a Negev kibbutz, and Jerusalem and Tel Aviv went on high alert.

Ezra HaLevi , | updated: 14:20

Nabil Hanani, a wanted terrorist from the village of Bet Fourik, near Shechem (Nablus), was chased by IDF forces near the destroyed community of Sa-Nur early Tuesday. Hanani opened fire, but was shot dead. Conflicting reports say he was a member of a PLO splinter group, or the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Sa-Nur was one of four communities in northern Samaria that were destroyed and had their residents forcibly evicted, in the context of the Sharon regime’s Disengagement Plan.

Earlier this month 49 youths from the Samaria community of Tel Menashe returned to Sa-Nur for a visit. The visit was authorized and secured by the IDF and pictures can be viewed by clicking here.

High Alert
Security forces have received intelligence warnings regarding 16 specific attacks ready to be carried out by terrorists. Most of the terror cells are based in the area surrounding the four northern Shomron communities destroyed during Disengagement.

A Kassam rocket was fired from Gaza shortly after noon, landing near Kibbutz Gevim in the western Negev. The rocket landed in an open area, failing to inflict injury or damage.

Police went on highest alert in Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv region Tuesday morning based on intelligence information of an impending terrorist attack. Checkpoints were erected at various points in and around the capital, and along highways and thoroughfares throughout the central coastal plane. Both alerts were removed by 2 PM.

Counter Terror Operations
During the night, soldiers involved in counter-terror operations throughout Judea and Samaria arrested 14 terrorists.

Also overnight, the IDF bombed a building in the Rafiah area of southern Gaza that served as a cover for a weapons smuggling tunnel. Military officials report that the occupants of the structure were warned to evacuate ahead of the attack.

Eilat a Target?
IDF intelligence believes that the southern city of Eilat is a target for an attack by global terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda.

"Eilat is a target,” an intelligence official told the Yediot Acharonot newspaper. “In the last two years many global jihad attacks were carried out around it. The ability and the will to carry out such attacks exist, and we must stay alert in order to prevent a strategic strike."

The report said the multi-faceted threat included air, land and naval attacks on the vacation hot spot. “The threat is imminent,” the official stressed. “Attacks can be launched from Jordan or Egypt.” He strongly recommended the closing of an Egyptian road along the border, and praised the decision by the IDF to build a new base in the region.