Tul Karem Rocket Threat Put on Hold

In a collaborative effort, Israeli security forces arrested two Tanzim leaders in Tul Karem suspected of the manufacture of homemade rockets to target Israeli cities in the Sharon region.

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Debbie Berman, | updated: 00:14

On Saturday evening it was released for publication that a joint raid by the Shin Bet, IDF and an elite Yamam Border Police counter-terror unit had recently arrested Tanzim members Hassan Uffi and Wataar Amara. The two are believed to be linked to a Hizbullah-controlled terror group based in Tul Karem.

Security forces seized a large weapons cache, including rockets that were still in the process of being assembled, as well as a pipe bomb, three sacks of explosives and additional weapons.

Security sources claimed that the Tanzim terror cell was responsible for the manufacturing of rockets that they intended to fire toward neighboring Israeli areas. The group is suspected of a failed attempt to fire a homemade rocket from Tul Karem into Israel in July. The incident was viewed as an attempt by the Hizbullah to boost terrorist infrastructure in the Shomron and increase the threat of rockets to additional Israeli cities.