Warfare and Kassams in Gaza Continue

Hillel Fendel, | updated: 13:20

Two 8-year-olds and a woman were wounded from Kassam rockets that continue to be fired from Gaza at Ashkelon, Sderot and environs. The IDF "Samson's Pillars" anti-terror operation continues.

A Kassam fired on Friday at a kibbutz near Ashkelon lightly wounded two 8-year-old boys. They were taken to the local hospital with shrapnel wounds. Another Kassam fired towards Sderot on Saturday night sent a woman to the hospital to be treated for shock, and a wave of four rockets towards Kibbutz Mivtachim on Sunday caused no casualties.

In the meantime, the IDF began engineering work early this morning (Sunday) in the Erez industrial area in the northern Gaza Strip, with the goal of discovering tunnels and explosive devices in area. The IDF also carried out aerial attacks against a structure used by Hamas to store and manufacture weaponry in Gaza City, and bombed a tunnel located along the Israeli-Egyptian border in the southern Gaza Strip.

As usual, the IDF warned the population prior to these attacks not to remain in
structures used by terrorist organizations for storing weapons. As in Lebanon, the terrorist organizations "operate from within civilian population areas," the IDF spokesman's office stated, "while cynically exploiting uninvolved civilians and using them as human shields, exploiting their homes to store weapons and launch rockets at Israeli towns from populated areas."