Hizbullah Ambush: Dozens of Terrorists Dead, Israeli Casualties

The battle for the Hizbullah stronghold of Bint Jbeil sparked again this morning into a major conflagration. Israel suffered 25-30 casualties, and dozens of Hizbullah bodies are strewn in the area.

Hillel Fendel, | updated: 10:19

The IDF announced on Tuesday that it had completed the takeover of the village, which served as the capital of Hizbullah in southern Lebanon. Despite the announcement, it was known that dozens of Hizbullah terrorists remained in the area, 3 miles from the Lebanese-Israeli border - and in fact, around 5:00 this morning they surprised the Israeli forces.

Ten Israeli casualties were originally reported, with the number gradually increasing over the course of the day. The battle raged on until around 2 PM. Rescue forces were unable for several hours to begin evacuating the wounded because of the heavy Hizbullah fire, but finally completed the mission in the early afternoon - at which point the number of reported casualties began to rise. Some 20 wounded soldiers have been taken to Rambam Hospital in Haifa, including two in serious condition and four listed in "moderate" condition.

The IDF censor prohibits the publication of soldiers' deaths before the army has informed their relatives.

The terrorists, who suffered heavy losses, fired RPG (rocket propelled grenade) missiles from within built-up urban areas.

The IDF had left a narrow corridor open for the terrorists to escape, hoping to engage them further to the north. Some 15 carloads of terrorists did in fact leave, but many remained to fight. The IDF continues to hold a numerical and qualitative advantage.

Givati and Golani Brigade forces are participating in the fighting, as well as Egoz unit soldiers. Replacements have been brought in to spell the soldiers who have been fighting for several days with little rest.

Hizbullah is a faction in the Lebanese government, but is considered a government-within-a-government in the south of the country - and its capital is in Bint Jbeil.

Meanwhile, Katyusha rockets fell around 10:00 in Haifa and environs, and one man is reported seriously wounded from a rocket that hit his car and burst into flames.

Earlier this morning, Katyushas were fired from southern Lebanon towards Tzfat and other Galilee areas. The residents are still under instructions to remain in protected areas.