Kassams Still Raining Down in Sderot and South

The Kassam war on southern Israel continues, with at least 13 rockets fired from Gaza at southern Israel between Monday and Tuesday mornings. A female soldier rebuffed an attempt to kidnap her.

Hillel Fendel, | updated: 13:15

During the course of Monday night, two Kassams hit the western Negev, lightly wounding a foreign worker. Monday afternoon, two Kassams were launched towards Sderot, and two others at Ashkelon; no one was hurt. During the course of the Monday morning hours, at least seven Kassams were fired towards the western Negev, causing no injuries.

Ten Kassams landed Sunday evening in Ashkelon, Sderot, and the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council. Two people were injured by shrapnel from one of the rockets in Sderot, and others were treated for shock. "It was a difficult night," a Kibbutz Nachal Oz resident told Ynet. "All night we heard very loud blasts, and because the system wasn't working people were [repeatedly] shocked to hear the explosions... A great disaster could have occurred tonight."

Meanwhile, the operation in the Gaza Strip continues. The IDF reported that in the past week some 90 terrorists have been killed. IDF operations in Gaza on Sunday included the following:

* At least four aerial attacks against armed gunmen in the northern Gaza Strip.
* An infantry attack at an armed gunman in the area of Beit Hanoun; a successful strike against the target was confirmed.
* An aerial attack on a tunnel near the Kissufim road that was intended to be used to smuggle terrorists into Israel to carry out attacks against civilians.

In other war news:
A female soldier thwarted an attempt to kidnap her near Mitzpeh Ramon in the Negev. A Bedouin attacker attempted to force her into his vehicle, but she resisted. He managed to snatch her weapon and stab her, but was caught shortly afterwards near the city of Yerucham... No one was hurt in a shooting attack on an IDF jeep near the former Kisufim entrance to Gaza...

In northern war news:
Several Katyushas fell once again in the city of Tzfat around noon today (Tuesday), not far from the city's hospital. Another rocket landed there last night, wounding one person moderately. The hospital is operating on a reduced basis, and many patients have been evacuated. Some 15 people are hospitalized there from the recent Katyusha attacks, including several in moderate condition.

Three rockets hit Haifa around 12:45 PM today, but no one was hurt. Earlier today, a wave of seven rockets hit open areas near a community in the Western Galilee. A cemetery was also struck; no one was hurt. Sirens warning of Katyusha rockets were sounded in Haifa and Tiberias around noontime, but no rockets fell.

Later in the afternoon, a house in the Western Galilee - the exact location is not being named, in order not to help Hizbullah improve its aim - was hit. Around the same time, sirens were heard in the eastern Galilee, and four Katyushas reportedly hit Haifa. No reports on injuries were immediately reported.