Time to Say Who Was Right

Nationalist camp leaders warn that the right-wing had better not make the same mistake twice. "This time," they declare, "we have to say, 'We told you so.'"

Hillel Fendel , | updated: 13:42

Nationalist camp commentator and journalist Haggai Segal and the Rabbi of Ofrah, Avi Gisser, are the first to send out the message.

Segal, broadcasting on his Knesset Channel TV show and writing in his weekly column in B'Sheva, says the right-wing must not be as modest as it was when the PA broke out the Oslo War in late 2000.

"The right-wing at the time," Segal writes in B'Sheva, "criminally decreed upon itself a form of modesty. It felt that it would be better to show 'gallantry of victors' (woe unto such victories), and let the new reality speak for itself. There was a naive belief that the Minister of History would assume responsibility for sweeping all the false peace prophets into his garbage bin. The right-wingers were innocent enough to believe that those false prophets would hide out in shame. That's why not one official or important source outside of Yesha said the little words, 'We told you so.' If someone ever tried to say this, he would immediately receive a kick under the table."

"This nobility cost the right-wing dearly," Segal continues. "After a few months of shock, the leftists again reared their heads. Instead of cowering apologetically in their corners in mourning and shame, they started pointing an accusatory finger at Yesha. Their publicists began brazenly rewriting history, formulating strange theories in which the Oslo War was actually Israel's fault. Just this past week, one of the main Oslo champions, Ben Caspit of Maariv, wrote, 'I'm not certain that Oslo would have been so catastrophic, had we not helped the agreement to collapse by building more settlements.'"

"Now, with another left-wing initiative, the insane Disengagement plan, going up in flames, we see again a left-wing trend to evade responsibility," Segal writes, noting a host of left-wing figures who have been saying that they always opposed a unilateral move and warned that it would strengthen Hamas, etc. "We're beginning to think that at least a third of the Kfar Maimon protestors [tens of thousands of people who came to protest and possibly even to physically stop the withdrawal from Gaza - ed.] were left-wingers..."

Segal, a resident of Ofrah, then continues,
"In light of the danger that this chutzpah-like narrative will begin to attract attention, and mainly because of the danger that the lessons of the Disengagement might not prevent a further withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, Rabbi Avi Gisser of Ofrah declared this week the opening of the 'We Told You So' campaign. He is not one of the most vocal or raucous spokesmen in the right-wing, but he has reached the conclusion that there is no other choice. He feels that the right-wing must not again fall for the sweet illusion that the left-wingers will recognize their folly and not repeat it. He took out a large ad in Haaretz this week, declaring, 'We told you so - Whoever runs away from Gaza, Gaza will run after him. Whoever disengages and converges, terrorism will find a way to re-engage with him.'

"Part 2 of the ad will be published this coming Sunday. But it's not so clear why this is a one-man initiative. Instead of waiting for the last minute to protest and run to the streets, it would be better to actualize now the bitter fruits of the Disengagement and wage a strong attack on the intention to Realign or Converge or Withdraw any further. It is incumbent upon us now to scream out publicly wherever possible, 'We Told You So!' Only in this way can we arouse a genuine public debate over which camp is right - the right or the left, the orange or the blue."

Press "Play" below to hear the late Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin ridiculing (in Hebrew) those who warned that rockets would be fired from Gaza.

"The scare-stories of the Likud are well-known," Rabin said in 1995 in the above recording. "Why, they also promised us Katyushas from Gaza. It's already a year that the Gaza Strip is mostly under the control of the Palestinian Authority - and there wasn't a Katyusha and there won't be any..."