Egyptian TV Promoting Anti-Semitism and Child "Martyrdom"

As Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak portrays himself as an honest broker in the Middle East, recent Egyptian TV programs inculcate Arab children with Jew-hatred and the desire for Jihad death.

Nissan Ratzlav-Katz, | updated: 15:53

Egyptian cleric Sheikh Muhammad Sharaf Al-Din appeared on a children's program on Al-Nas television on June 21, 2006, and told a story from Islamic tradition in which a Jewish woman tried to poison Muhammad. After telling the story, in which the prophet of Islam is miraculously spared, the sheikh took a call from a child viewer (all video and translations provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)):

"Ruqaya, what did you learn from today's show?" the sheikh asked the child.

"I learned that the Jews are the people of treachery and betrayal...."
Today's Lesson for Egyptian Children: "The Jews are the people of treachery, betrayal and vileness."

Sheikh Al-Din interrupted the caller, shouting, "Allah Akbar!" Turning to the children in the studio, he instructed:
Say Allah Akbar! What did Ruqiya say? The Jews are the people of treachery and betrayal. May Allah give you success. We want mothers who teach their sons Jihad, the love of Allah and His messenger, sacrifice for the sake of Islam, and love for the countries of the Muslims. Loving the country of the Muslims. May Allah bless you, Ruqaya. That is the most beautiful thing I have heard - that the Jews are the people of treachery, betrayal, and vileness.

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An earlier episode (June 15, 2006) of the program for children on the same television station promoted death in the course of Jihad against "infidels."

The host of the program, Sheikh Muhammad Nassar of the Egyptian ministry of religious endowment (pictured above), invited the children to "listen to a very beautiful story to learn about the courage of a child, and how, when a child is brought up in a good home, and receives proper education in faith, he loves martyrdom, which becomes like an instinct for him. He can never give it up."

Nassar goes on to describe and praise the insistence of a 15-year-old boy to join the Islamic war against the Byzantine Empire, how that boy was killed in battle, and what miraculous events surrounded his burial. He also explained the holiness of the Jihad warrior killed by enemies of Islam and praised the boy in the story because he sought his death in Jihad.

"He died happy," the sheikh told a studio audience of children and the child viewers at home.

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