IDF Air-Strikes in Gaza, Kassams Hit Sderot

Two Kassam rockets fired from northern Gaza hit Sderot late this morning - two people were injured and were treated for shock - while Israel attacks Hamas targets in Gaza.

Hillel Fendel , | updated: 10:59

One of the Kassam rockets caused damage to a small zoo in Sderot.

IDF forces are deployed just outside northern Gaza, poised to enter and try to put a stop to the Kassam rocket fire that has long plagued Israeli towns and communities in the Sderot and Ashkelon areas. Givati Brigade troops, tanks and other armored vehicles are set to go in.

Israeli aircraft targeted an Islamic Jihad terrorist on a Gaza City street this afternoon, wounding him seriously.

The army distributed leaflets overnight throughout Gaza, warning residents not to remain in areas likely to be attacked by the IDF. Arabs in southern Gaza were seen leaving their homes in response. Diplomats from Arab countries are also reported to be leaving Gaza.

Israel Navy ships fired artillery at Kassam-launching areas in northern Gaza during the night.

The IDF is thus waging a two-front war in Gaza, trying to both find kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, and silence the Kassam-firing terrorists.

In a signal to Syria, which is harboring Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, Israeli jets buzzed President Bashar Assad's palace in Damascus last night.

MK Zevulun Orlev (National Religious Party) caused a stir in the Knesset today when he said that Arab MKs who support Hamas must be stripped of their membership in the Knesset. "Some Arab MKs are joining the death dance of Hamas," Orlev said, "and they support and encourage Hamas against the IDF and the State. They do not belong in the Knesset." He said that he plans to submit legislation to expel Knesset Members who support terrorist organizations.

Reuters reported that a terrorist spokesman said Arabs had fired a chemical rocket at Israel Thursday morning. An IDF spokesperson said the army had not detected the firing of any such rocket.