Plea for Prayers to Stop Gay Parade

A group of women has organized a major campaign to stop the upcoming Gay Pride Parade scheduled to march in the holy city of Jerusalem this August. The strategy: worldwide prayer.

Alex Traiman , | updated: 14:45

The women have sent an urgent internet email around the world in an urgent plea for all women to say prayers and tehillim on behalf the Torah leaders who are involved in fighting the event.

The group is comprised of Rabbis, Rebbetzins, “active women”, the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada, “Chareidi Rabbis”, and members of the Sanhedrin Council, states the email.

The battle against gays flooding the holy city in August is not, however, restricted to the Parade, which is seen as a danger that will leave a mark on the country’s children.

“In addition to this parade, during their week long festival,” warns the alert, “they [Gay Pride organizers] will be having workshops, movies, massive parties and a Youth Day at the Knesset no less, where they will target our kids and pull them into their lifestyle saying it is legitimate and the children can come to them to get ' guidance and counseling'. A huge youth party will follow,” adds the group.

The email pleads for the reader to participate in the prayer campaign and push for the participation of all rabbinic leaders to publicly fight this event.

“We beseech Hashem that He should endow our Torah Leaders with whatever it takes to rise to this occasion and lead the people; come out with a firm statement against this 'Toeva' -abomination, and threaten to bring his followers into the streets if necessary to prevent this devastating desecration of G-d's name and the Holy Land of Israel.”

The week-long event promotes a homosexual lifestyle. The Youth Day website informs the reader that rides for participants will be available from cities all over Israel.

“After this day no one will be able to ignore us; they will understand us,” proclaims the web page. “And they will know that we are cool, successful, smart, beautiful, and fascinating.”