Convergence Plan: Fatah and Hamas Agree on Destroying Israel

Short of civil war, Fatah and Hamas negotiators are finding a common denominator in an effort to set up a national unity government in the Palestinian Authority. The formula: hatred of Israel.

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Scott Shiloh, | updated: 14:38

The negotiations are based on the “prisoners' document”, a proposal for a PA state formulated by convicted terrorists serving life sentences in Israeli prisons.

The Hamas has refused to accept the document as a basis for an emerging Arab state because the proposal talks about establishing the state in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. Agreeing to such a state would imply recognition of Israel, an idea anathema to Hamas ideology.

Fatah leader and PA chief Mahmoud Abbas’s bid to adopt the prisoner’s document as official PA policy has led to violent clashes between Fatah and Hamas terrorists. Those clashes reached a peak last week when mobs aligned with the Fatah set PA parliament and cabinet buildings ablaze in Ramallah. The PA parliament and cabinet are controlled by the Hamas.

But now, in an effort to stave off civil war, Fatah officials have been emphasizing that the prisoners' document does not imply tacit recognition of the Jewish state.

Abu Taiyer, spokesman for the Al Aksa Brigades, the military wing of Fatah, said at a press conference in Gaza that his group remains loyal to Fatah’s pre-Oslo charter which calls for “liberating all Palestinian land, and the elimination of the Zionist entity, economically, politically, militarily, and culturally.”

Abu Taiyer’s statement was echoed by a senior Fatah official, Issa Krak’a, who said specifically that the prisoners' document does not express any recognition of the State of Israel.

In another concession to Hamas, Fatah negotiators have agreed to incorporate both the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations into the PLO. Such a move could render mute the PLO’s recognition of Israel, which formed the backbone of the Oslo accords, the legal basis of the Palestinian Authority.

Though terrorist chieftain Yasser Arafat recognized Israel’s right to exist on behalf of the Fatah and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) when he signed the Oslo accords in 1993, the deceased Fatah leader led the PA into war with Israel in September 2000.