Modzhitzer Rebbe Passes Away

The funeral procession of the Modzhitzer Rebbe, Rabbi Yisrael Dan Taub, left Bnei Brak Friday morning for Jerusalem, where he was buried on the Mt. of Olives.

Hillel Fendel, | updated: 13:25

The Rebbe, 78, a member of the Agudat Yisrael Council of Torah Sages, was buried next to the gravesite of his father, the previous Modzhitzer Rebbe, known as the Imrei Eish.

The Modzhitz (pronounced Mojitz, with a soft j) Hassidut descends from Rabbi Yechezkel of Kuzmir, a student of the venerated Seer of Lublin; the deceased Rebbe was Rabbi Yechezkel's grandson's great-grandson. It is renowned for its famous melodies, hundreds of which were composed by the late Rabbi Taub, his father and his grandfather. Many of them are sung in Jewish communities, households and synagogues around the world.

The deceased Rebbe's grandfather, Rabbi Sha'ul Taub, who served as the Rebbe from 1920, composed new melodies for the Hallel prayer in the form of marches. It is reported that when his followers questioned this style, he explained that a Jewish State would soon come into being and that marches would then be needed.

The deceased Rabbi Taub was born in Warsaw in 1928, and moved to the Holy Land (Palestine) in 1936 with his parents. He led his flock for many years from his Beit Medrash on Dizengoff St. in Tel Aviv, and later in Bnei Brak.

Within the past six weeks, the Grand Rabbis of Satmar, Kretchnif and Modzhitz have passed away, as have Rabbi Moshe Halberstam and Rabbi Moshe Shapira.