PA At War Till Bitter End; Israeli Public Is In Denial

Israeli journalist Carolyn Glick criticized PM Olmert’s intent to transfer land to Hamas and Al-Qaeda, and said that Israeli is unwilling to see the reality of its threatened national security.

Debbie Berman , | updated: 16:04

Press "Play" below to listen to the IsraelNationalRadio interview with Carolyn Glick.

Glick an outspoken columnist, news analyst and Deputy Managing Editor at the Jerusalem Post, spoke about her personal commitment to disseminating the truth. She stated, "It's extremely frustrating. That doesn't mean that we have the right to be silent. Whether Olmert wants to recognize it or not, whether the general staff of the army wants to recognize it or not. The fact is that there is a war being fought against us. Our enemies want to destroy us, they make it absolutely clear that they don't care where Israel is located, how big it is or how small it is, whether there are Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria or Jewish settlements in the Dan region. They don't want us here. We are on the precipice of our own physical annihilation."

Glick was quick to label Olmert's convergence or re-alignment plan an Israeli surrender, "It's surrender. It's the transfer of Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem to Hamas and Al-Qaeda. He's pushing an Israeli surrender; he's pushing the national destruction of Israel, that's what he pushing."

In Glick's estimation, Olmert's recent trip to the U.S. was an abysmal failure. She noted, "In the final analysis his mission to the United States failed and failed completely. It failed because he thought he was going to be going there and getting American support, both politically and economically for his plan to create an Al-Qaeda State in the West Bank of the Jordan River, something that would destabilize Israel, destroy Jordan and ensure American defeat in the global Jihad that they're fighting in Afghanistan, Iran and throughout the world."

According to Glick, Israelis have been denying the seriousness of the threat presented by the PA Arabs who she claims are nothing more than proxies of other hostile Arab countries. "Israelis are ignoring the basic reality of our security situation. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that the Palestinians do not stand by themselves, that Fatah, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are proxies of Iran, Saudi Arabia and that just about every other Arab country in the world is involved in Palestinian violence against Israel. We are ignoring this. We are pretending that the Palestinian conflict with Israel is limited in scope and can be appeased, that Israel can give them land and it'll all go away. The Palestinian Jihad against Israel is part of a larger global struggle."

Glick believes that Israeli actions like unilateral withdrawal only serve to encourage and strengthen the global Jihad. "Every time Israel leaves territory, we give them hope that they're winning. I think about the 1500 Israelis who have been killed since 1993, since Oslo, I think all of them would still be alive today. It's self-inflicted, we did this to ourselves, and we brought the PLO in. Every time Israel gives up land, it's not just Israelis that get killed, it's Americans in Iran, Shiites and Christians in Pakistan, and it's Canadian Muslims who get incited to believe that they'll be able to overthrow Canada, or British Muslims who believe they will be able to turn the houses of Parliament into a mosque. Because they see that the forces of Jihad are on the march and the forces of freedom, the forces of democracy, the forces of western civilization are on a retreat."

Despite her frustrations, Glick indicated that she remains hopeful for the triumph of those forces, "I'm hopeful because we have three things going for us, one is that we're right. It doesn't matter how much people want to deny reality, reality is what it is and eventually people are going to have to see the truth. Second, today in Israel there are people who want another Holocaust and seek to annihilate the Jewish people. But today we are much stronger, even with all our weaknesses, than we were in 1939. We have to make sure to remain strong. The third thing is that we thought that the tiger of the free world woke up after 9/11, and maybe it did for five minutes and then proceeded to go back to sleep. At the end of the day people want to be free. It doesn't matter how many people are on the side of Jihad or what kind of weapons they have - they'll be no match for freedom and we'll win."