Iran Pours Millions into Supporting Hamas Infrastructure

Iran has become a key player in funneling money to “charitable” organizations in the PA which finance suicide bombers and their families. The money helps keep the Hamas government afloat.

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Scott Shiloh, | updated: 15:13

The PA’s own semi-official newspaper Al Hayat Al Jadida has been covering the distribution of Iranian funds to PA terrorists and their families via “charitable” organizations set up for that purpose.

On June 1, the paper published a report about how an organization, Al Ansar, affiliated with the Hamas, distributed $1.8 million of gifts to the families of suicide bombers in Gaza.

The head of the organization, Nafez El-Araj, told the paper how his organization distributed money to the families of 2,900 Arab terrorists. Each family was allocated a grant for rebuilding houses that were destroyed by the IDF as part of its campaign to deter potential suicide bombers.

Over the past three months, Iran has contributed another $1.3 million to 2,020 families of terrorists in Judea and Samaria.

Organizations such as Al Ansar, which distribute millions to Arab terrorist families, contribute substantially to the level of public support for the Hamas in the Palestinian Authority, and reduce the effectiveness of economic sanctions against Hamas.

Iranian money allows the Hamas to develop a powerful social, economic, and educational system in the PA which bolsters public support for the group and its terrorist infrastructure.

Israel and Western countries are hoping that economic sanctions against the Hamas ultimately will bear fruit. On Monday, an angry mob of PA employees rampaged into a branch of the Arab Bank in Gaza, demanding back pay from the PA.

The bank, worried about the threat of sanctions from the United States for supporting terrorism, and legal actions against bank assets held abroad, refused to pay out money for debts owed by the Hamas. After breaking into the bank, the PA employees attacked the branch manager.

In contrast to the Arab Bank, the Bank of Palestine, headquartered in the PA, paid out salaries of up to NIS 1,500 to PA employees with accounts at that bank.

After the attack, managers of the Arab Bank, which is headquartered in Jordan, decided to shut all bank branches in the Gaza district. A spokesman for the Jordanian government said the bank would close its remaining branches in Judea and Samaria if violence against the bank continues.

Terrorist factions in the PA have already warned that they will continue attacks against banks refusing to pay out salaries to employees of the Hamas government in the PA. They justified such attacks by saying that those banks were aiding and abetting the enemy.

Pictured above: Money being handed out to terrorist families.