Israel Sucessful in Air-Striking Wanted Terrorist

An Israel Air Force strike killed a wanted terrorist of the Hamas-affiliated Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza on Monday.

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Hillel Fendel, | updated: 11:06

IAF missiles were fired at a car carrying terrorists in the Jebalya refugee slum neighborhood in northern Gaza. Terrorist-attack planner Imad Asalia was killed and four others were wounded, including one in serious condition.

Asalia had been involved in firing Kassam rockets at Israel, as well as in two failed bombing attempts at the Karni crossing. One of them, six months ago, was thwarted when IDF forces fired on a vehicle loaded with explosives as it approached the crossing.

In other war news:
An IDF soldier was stabbed Monday afternoon by a Palestinian terrorist at the Machpelah Cave. The soldier, wounded in his hand, was treated at the site... An Israeli man was lightly wounded Monday night when rocks were thrown at his car south of Bethlehem; the car was heavily damaged... Nearby, south of Hevron, terrorists attempted to run down soldiers at an army checkpoint; the soldiers opened fire, wounding two. The terrorists were taken for treatment and interrogation... Soldiers were also attacked with gunfire near Ramallah and Shechem over night; no one was hurt... IDF forces arrested 12 terrorists wanted for either arrest or questioning over the night.