Katyusha Rockets Fired into Northern Israel

Hizbullah terrorists in Lebanon fired three Katyusha rockets into northern Israel in the predawn hours, hitting an IDF base and injuring one soldier. IAF warplanes then attacked two Hizbullah bases.

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Hillel Fendel, | updated: 07:10

The injured Israeli soldier, a 20-year-old from Ariel, was lightly injured and transported to Sieff Hospital in Tzfat. One building on the base, in the Mt. Meron area, west of Tzfat, maintained significant damage.

The Katyushas, 120mm rockets, were fired at about 4:40 AM. The Israel Defense Forces announced around 11 AM that it had responded with air attacks on two Hizbullah bases.

As a result of the rocket attacks, northern Israel was placed on heightened alert status. In the afternoon hours, northern residents were instructed to enter their bomb shelters, as the fighting heated up. Mortar shells from Lebanon landed near Kibbutz Misgav Am, and a soldier was moderately wounded by gunfire emanating from Lebanon.

Israel says it considers Lebanon responsible for all terror activity directed against Israel from within its borders.

IDF Northern Command officials say that Hizbullah and other terrorist organizations continually attempt to perpetrate large-scale attacks against Israeli soldiers and citizens in the north. Hizbullah chieftain Sheikh Nasrallah says his organization will continue to attack Israel.

This morning's attacks may have been a terrorist reminder of Israel's withdrawal from southern Lebanon almost exactly six years ago. On May 24, 2000, Israel completed the withdrawal of IDF forces from what it called the "security zone" in southern Lebanon. The withdrawal was recognized by the United Nations and the international community, but the Hizbullah terror organization continues to demand that the IDF also leave the Mt. Dov area, also known as the Shab’a Farms. Israeli forces at Mt. Dov serve as a frontline defense against terrorist infiltrations into Israel.